Below are of the coolest links I've amassed over the past few years. Who knows, there might be something of use for you below.

Website Link Description Great place to learn about rare hardware, help others and get help with repairs.
Sega World Sydney Get Out of the House! A look back at what Sega World Sydney was all about before their demise.
Segata Sanshiro Music Video Chuck Norris doesn't stand a chance.
Ship to Shore Theme Music Don't even ask about this one, very catchy tune though...
The Cover Project Lots of covers for most consoles for DVD shaped cases.
Macintosh Garden Great software archive for the classic Macs of all ages.
Pippi Longstocking Theme Song A relic of a song I once heard while playing on a Commodore 64. Relevant right?
VOGONS Vintage Driver Library Drivers for old computer hardware.
Peter H. S. Madsen's Animated GIF Archive What can I say, animated GIFs make me weak at the knees.

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